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Receive news/alerts by email: - How to build Provo?

Here's a brainstormed list from our steering committee and members:

  1. Be a good neighbor -- love your neighbors -- reach out! Treat your neighbors of a different marital or family or educational status the same as you do your own! Reach outside of your church and school circles!

  2. Take time to stay informed about the public hearings that happen always at least 3 times a month -- you can do that by subscribing to our newsletter -- do so by sending an email to

  3. Take time to at least watch on Channel 17 (or Channel 1) if not attend a city council meeting or planning commission meeting soon. It's a real eye opener.

  4. Take time to find out who your neigbhorhood chair is and attend the next neighborhood meeting.

  5. Do you have a concern that the public should know about? Take time to speak out at the next council meeting during the Questions/Comments for the Mayor and Council. Anybody can speak for 3 minutes.

  6. Contact your city council legislators to give feedback!

  7. Help the poor through Community Action Services of Provo.

  8. Help feed the poor through Provo's Food and Care Coalition.

  9. Take care of the property that you live at -- if you're an owner and don't have enough time then hire a neighborhood kid for $15-$20 a week to take care of your lawn.
    If you're a renter, pitch in and help take care of the property you live at -- most landlords will be glad to reduce the amount of rent you pay each month in exchange for you helping take care of the lawn, etc.

  10. Talk about the issues with your fellow citizens in our forum.

  11. Help strengthen families by getting involved with the World Family Policy Center at BYU's law school.

  12. Help preserve the universal definition of marriage. How we define marriage tells our children how we feel about the importance of marriage as part of the foundation of our society. How your neighbors 'marry' does affect how your neighbors and your children will view and value the sanctity of marriage. Definitions should not violate or contradict themselves.

  13. Learn what's happening in our Utah state legislature and then contact your state legislators.

  14. Pay attention and speak out on national issues.

  15. Dream of what you can do to help and find others to join you.
  16. Report graffiti that you see in Provo.

We are of the firm belief that you can make more of a difference locally here in Provo than you can make a difference at the state or national level. You'ld be really surprised at how major changes get made here in Provo city with very little public input.

* Please get involved by doing at least some of the things at the beginning of the list!

Comment / join the discussion on the suggestions above.

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