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Our Mission

The Issues
Elections: Who?, Where?, Why?
Renters: articles, cases, petition
• Apartment Licensing: articles
• House Size: articles
City Internet bond: articles
• Recycling: articles
+ Build Provo City!

How Can You Help?
Call the City
Contact the Media
Sign the Petitions
Join Us
Discuss the issues
Pass out flyers
Attend Meetings

Contact Us

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Contact Us

Chairman/Spokesman - Roger L. Brown 356-1032
BYU Student Liaison - Jeremiah Maughan 358-7607 contact - Thane Andersen 368-4441

Public Relations
This committee will keep all types of media(print, TV, radio) informed
about the issue and make sure that they're covering it regularly.

Initiative Petitions
We're currently collecting signatures for the Fair Zoning Initiative for the 2009 election.
Only those registered to vote in Provo can sign it. We need everyone to
help pass the petition! Contact us to help!

Provo Elections & Voter Registration
This committee will help register voters every year and educate people about the candidates for the city council and mayoral elections every 2 years and 4 years respectively -- in the odd numbered years such as 2005,2007,2009, etc.

Provo City Council Watch
The 7 members of the shadow council will attend all Provo city council meetings & meetings either in person or via teleconference. They will cast votes on everything that the city council votes on & write up a pargraph explaning their reasoning behind the vote. They will enter their votes as well as the city council member's votes into an online database here at

Will help to educate the public and new members about the issues and public hearings.

Help recruit new members to ProvoCitizens through neighborhood outreaches and door-to-door visits.
If you are interested in helping on one of the committees then please contact us. Thanks!

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