2011 Provo City Elections Info

Welcome to a Provo voter education site! Find unbiased info here on where to vote, and why to vote by comparing the council candidates side by side!

WHO/What are the Candidates' positions? COMPARE THEM side by side!

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Where do I vote?

  1. 1st, please consult the MAP to see which precinct and district you live in.
  2. Then, see the list of voting locations by precinct number to see where you will vote.

Voter Registration

*click "Register Online" at vote.utah.gov
Please CHECK your registration before you vote!
If it says "I" (inactive) then you need to call the county elections office @ 851-8128!
Please help make the city a better place to live by first researching the candidates and then voting! Wipe out complacency through education!
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