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Provo Council Candidates Answers - Nov. 7, 2005US flag

Candidates city-wide
(everyone votes!):

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Mark Sumsion
no photo available George Stewart

Question #1

Will you support a bill or ballot initiative that alters the limits on singles in a house to base it on the # of off-street parking spaces, and/or square footage or the # of bedrooms?
Answers: Mark Sumsion:
       It would depend on the bill. It’s hard to give a specific response to a broad hypothetical question. What about students who don’t have a car? Would they still count as taking up a parking space? What if the house has six parking spaces and six bedrooms but only one kitchen and one bathroom? What about elderly people who no longer drive? All singles in Provo are not necessarily students.
       As was pointed out during the debates, Provo is morphing into a community of elderly as well as students. My approach would be to rely on the neighborhoods to determine what is best on a majority basis and not one or two squeaky wheels who get all the press and take all the time.
       In general, my philosophy is the individual property owner should have his rights defended. I favor small government versus large government—meaning less government control. That does not mean no appropriate guidance.
George Stewart:
This is an issue that I will study carefully, taking in consideration the needs of both property owners and neighborhood then supporting needed changes.
Question #2 Is there anything that can be done besides zoning laws to control SOB's (sexually oriented businesses) within the city?
Answers: Mark Sumsion:
       The most effective actions are often grass-roots efforts by local citizens rather than zoning or other regulations. It has been proven over and over that it is very difficult for government bodies to legislate morality. I think we have enough wisdom and experience in the community that we do not need to hire a consultant to tell us what is moral or immoral. It is a blend of individual freedoms versus individual moral interpretations.
George Stewart:
       I am against any sexually oriented businesses in Provo and will do anything within my power to see that this community standard ( no SOB's in Provo) is supported by city government. During my term as Mayor (1994-97) We passed the origional SOB ordinance which caused LaMars, a bar that had brought semi-nude dancers, to close and leave the city.
Question #3 What do you think of the new parking enforcement system proposed in the Booterwatch petition?
Answers: Mark Sumsion:
       I could not get the link above to work and do not want to respond to something I haven’t read about.
George Stewart:
       I share the concerns of students and other citizens about the issues surrounding booting and will work with property owners, city officials, students and other affected citizens to make necessary changes. I am not sure that the booting petition would be the answer as it would have city government involved in an issue that might be better solved in other ways (without more government involvement in our lives).
Question #4 Do you have any suggestions as to what students can do to better our relationship with the city of Provo and its permanent residents?
Answers: Mark Sumsion:
       As I said in my first forum with the Womens’ Voters association, it is a matter of interest and concern. I would encourage students to be involved in a constructive manner, this would help alleviate misinformation and innuendo dealing with facts and reality.
George Stewart:
       We have 11 children (10 are married). 19 of our children or their spouses attended or are attending BYU or UVSC and who give or have given me feedback on student concerns. I have also served as a BYU Bishop and served as President of the Argentina Neuquen mission and with many of our Missionaries attending BYU I also receive feedback from them. Provo is BYU and without students you have no BYU. I had a very close working relationship witn BYU during my term as Mayor and intend to continue that as a member of the City Council and will work to improve, in anyway possible, the experience students have in Provo.
Question #5 Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Mark Sumsion:
       I appreciate this forum. It has helped communication for the electorate. You can read more about my views at my web site:


I’d like your vote tomorrow.

George Stewart:
       I feel my broad business experience, community service and record as Provo's Mayor have prepared me well to serve as a member of the Provo City Council and would appreciate your vote Tuesday Nov. 8.

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