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Receive news/alerts by email:

Help! Pass Out Fliers.

ATTENTION: stay tuned for the next flyer blitz.

Our very first flyer was for the Planning Commission meeting back on 13 Nov. 2002: here's a copy of that flyer. This is how many of the founders of met one another.

We again printed and distributed a flyer before the Planning Commission meeting on 08 Jan. 2003 where they voted on whether to recommend the proposal to the City Council.

And here's the flyer for March 4th's City Council meeting where they voted.

NOTE: These flyers were accurate at the time of printing according to public documents posted on the city's website.
Unfortunately, sometimes those documents were amended a short time before some of the Planning Commission meetings which had the effect of making the flyers look out of date.
Unknowingly, some of the city council and planning commission members made public comments to the effect that they believed that we intentionally mislead the public.
That was a false assumption since the flyers were accurate at the time of printing!
We couldn't help it if they changed the proposals AFTER the flyers were printed and didn't let the public know about the change till when we arrived at the meeting!

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