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The Issues
Elections: Who?, Where?, Why?
Renters: articles, cases, petition
• Apartment Licensing: articles
• House Size: articles
City Internet bond: articles
• Recycling: articles
+ Build Provo City!

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Call the City
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Pass out flyers
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Receive news/alerts by email:

Help! Join Us!

We need to alert all the citizens of Provo to these issues.

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For example, the original 3 to 2 singles ordinance largely went "under the table" until the local newspaper and some concerned citizens here started informing the city through door-to-door flyers. If we hadn't been passing out fliers in November, January, and March, then it's possible that 4 members of the city council would have never accepted a compromise that's far better than the original ordinance. Hundreds of concerned citizens that were against the ordinance showed up at the January Planning Commission and March City Council meetings to protest it! Many more that couldn't make it let their voices be heard by calling or writing the council and mayor.

If your neighborhood hasn't had a neighborhood meeting on one of the issues, then encourage your neighborhood chair to call for a meeting.

Also, please join one of our committees. Help make a difference!

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