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Our Mission

The Issues
Elections: Who?, Where?, Why?
Renters: articles, cases, petition
• Apartment Licensing: articles
• House Size: articles
City Internet bond: articles
• Recycling: articles
+ Build Provo City!

How Can You Help?
Call the City
Contact the Media
Sign the Petitions
Join Us
Discuss the issues
Pass out flyers
Attend Meetings

Contact Us

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Help! Attend the meetings!

City Council Meetings:

July 15th @ 7:00pm @ 351 W Center St
There's a "Questions for the Mayor & the Council" period at the beginning of every meeting!
Come and let your voice be heard! Monthly Meetings:

Wednesday, July __ @ 7:00pm @ TBA come back soon for the time!

Tuesday, May 27 @ 7:00pm @ 1335 Maple Ln

Wednesday, May 14 @ 7:00pm @ 1335 Maple Ln

Wednesday, Apr. 9th @ 7:30pm @ TBA

Wednesday, Mar. 12th @ 7:00pm @ Provo City Library - 500 N University Ave
Please come! We need to get a lot more people involved that want to help!

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