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Who are we?

We are concerned Provo citizens from all walks of life that have come together to prevent a further taking away of citizens' rights and to help implement better solutions.

Several fundamental beliefs guide our mission:

First, we believe that civility and responsibility are ultimately the products of a civil and responsible people. These are not things that can be legislated. Sadly, many of the laws passed by the city actually destroy personal responsibility, as we turn to the city to solve more and more of our problems.

Second, we believe that property rights are real and are eroding rapidly. Property is the centerpin of much of our identity and wealth as individuals or families. This does not mean that we can or should allow for a culture of "anything goes" with our property. What we do affects our neighbors' lifestyle and property values. However, many of the current and proposed laws have gone beyond a common sense effort to help people get along and to bring together compatible uses. Instead, the law is being wielded as a weapon to socially engineer neighborhoods and the city. The casualties are homeowners, renters, students, senior citizens and families alike. We seek to defend our rights to property, and to turn back the growing mountain of ill-conceived and agenda-driven legislation.

Finally, we believe that freedom must be actively defended, even in the seemingly unimportant and little issues of municipal life. Governments, by their very nature, trend toward the abuse of power - both intentional, and more often, unintentional. ProvoCitizens is a watchdog organization. We are not afraid to take the hard positions. We are here to educate and advocate. We will question, research, probe and persuade.

Come help us make our city a more vibrant and more free place to live.

Why did we come together?

Because of some decisions by the City Planning Commission and City Council that are less than best. The original proposal by the Land Use Committee to reduce the number of singles in a home from 3 to 2 in all residential zones (except for high density areas) back in October 2002 was the original event that brought us together to form this organization.
Since then not only have we pointed out what's wrong but we're suggesting better solutions that will help to make Provo a nicer place to live.

What can you do to help?

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