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Receive news/alerts by email:

Fair Parking & Fair Zoning Initiatives - Sign the Petitions!

Signature gathering starts January 27th, possibly earlier if the city employees expedite the budget assessment; let us pray! :)

Fair Parking Initiative

Proposed law:

" No parking ordinance may discriminate based on real property ownership status, or educational status, or whether the vehicle operator is a permanent, semi-transient, or transient resident."

"And we hereby repeal parking permit programs in the Joaquin Neighborhood."

  • To sign it, you must get registered to vote in Provo.
  • Register online, NEW*** OR print out the Voter Registration Form
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    Email address:  

    We will never share or sell your email address!
    --Roger Brown, Chairman

Fair Zoning Initiative

Current city law limits discriminates against singles and renters -- both married and single renters. There are double standards depending on whether you're related or unrelated.

Proposed law:

" Zoning ordinances may not discriminate based on marital status, or age of adult residents, or familial status, or real property ownership status, or educational status, or whether the adult residents are related or unrelated by blood or marriage or adoption, or whether the residents are permanent, semi-transient, or transient.

Grandfathered zoning or property rights shall not expire upon transfer of property ownership.

In every home zoned for an accessory apartment, that apartment shall not be restricted to a particular location within the building. "

The people of Provo deserve a chance to vote on this!

UPDATE - Jan. 15th - stay tuned for us to start gathering signatures in the next week and a half, by the 27th at the latest!

Please sign the petition & then help us spread the word by
calling Roger Brown @ 801-356-1032 or Sean Stanton @ 808-589-7405

We need a minimum of 2,049 signatures to get it on the ballot.  The collection deadline is April 14th, 2011.

  1. Read the current laws and what will change!
  2. Read Frequently Asked Questions & Answers / Talking Points.
  3. Sign it yourself by calling us -- it must be signed with a witness.
  4. Help gather signatures from all Provo residents!
    1. Flyers + Signup forms (if someone's not home, leave a flyer.)
    2. Signers must be registered to vote in Provo OR register to vote at the time of signing! Here's a Voter Registration Form from website
    3. Not sure if you registered to vote already? Check the database to make sure!
    4. Contact the media -- spread the word!

Who knows better -- 7 city council members or 5 judges or over 70,000 voters in Provo?! The people must decide -- it is our duty to do so. We trust the people of Provo to make a wise decision.

The government is supposed to safeguard our rights, not make us beg to have the permission to use all of them.

Future petitions for Provo City? Count on it! -- stay tuned and/or make a suggestion!

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